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Having been performing live gigs for over twenty years, it can be safely said that Fat Barry's Soul Band has more than mastered the art of creating the right atmosphere for every gig it plays.


Regardless of whether they are playing at an intimate wedding, a lively party or an open-air event, Fat Barry's Soul Band are reknowned for ensuring that everyone who has come to see them has a good time.


This band has always been known for the infectious energy it generates : It doesn't take long before everyone is up and dancing - and not necessarily on the floor!


With a varied selection of well known hi-energy songs, everyone knows what to expect, but the band tends to work against all expectations, usually not content to just stand there and play their instruments.


When you go to see Fat Barry's Soul Band, you're guaranteed a night to remember : Whether you get up and dance, party hard or even end up becoming part of the act, you can be sure that this will be a night to remember for some time to come !